by PRIBL Media

CIDRA, PR – The Puerto Rico Independent Baseball League has announced that the city of Cidra will host the 2021 All-Star Game.

“It’s was a good regular season, and players are excited,” said Carlos Nuñez, the president and founder of the Puerto Rico Independent Baseball League. “We’ve been playing without fans all season and now with a new and more flexible executive order is time to show our best talents in front of the fans.”

The All-star game will be in honor of two former MLB coaches from the Cidra, Luis Lopez and Jose Flores.

The Conquistadores and Pelicanos will represent the Jose Flores team and the Tainos and Peregrinos will represent Luis Lopez Team.

The team Flores will be managed by Conquistadores manager Pascual Santiago and assisted by Pelicans manager Raul Gonzalez while team Lopez will be managed by Tainos manager Rene Balloveras and assisted by Peregrinos manager Carlos Rivera.

The game will take place at the Jesus Maria Freire Stadium. There will be a home run derby and other competitions before the all-star game. Competitions start at 1:00 pm and the all-star game at 6:00 pm. The admission is free and the gates open at 11:00 am.