PRIBL home base stadium is underwater

by PRIBL Media

Rincón, PR - Hurricane Fiona battered Puerto Rico on Saturday night, flooding countless homes and establishments across the island.

That historic wave of heavy rain has hit most of the baseball stadiums in Puerto Rico. One of them is the Fernando "Nando" Sanabria Stadium in Rincón, the Homebase of the Puerto Rico Independent Baseball League.

The stadium is now completely submerged in water, generating a shocking and devastating scene in Rincón.

Fernando "Nando" Sanabria Stadium has been one of the top destinations for players looking to start a professional or college baseball career. More than 1,000 players from different parts of the world have visited the city of Rincón in the past ten years in search of a new sports opportunity.

"It is hard to see the images of our house after Hurricane Fiona hit, but at the moment, we only have to wait for the waters to begin to recede to assess the damage," said Puerto Rico Independent Baseball League president Carlos Núñez. "In the meantime, we are thinking about the residents dealing with flooding of their homes and businesses, and we hope everybody is safe."

Once the situation stabilizes, PRIBL's executives will schedule a meeting with the mayor of Rincón to assess the damages and establish a plan to follow to put the stadium back into operation.

PRIBL created a campaign to help with the repairs needed in the Fernando "Nando" Sanabria stadium. For more information about how to donate or how you can be involved, you can send an email to